FIFA Tournaments and Events in 2024

FIFA has put together an amazing schedule of competitions and events for the forthcoming year that are sure to enthrall football fans everywhere. This thorough guide explores the wide range of events scheduled for 2024, from the esteemed FIFA World Cup to niche youth contests and beach soccer extravaganzas.FIFA Tournaments and Events in 2024 are:

1. FIFA World Cup 2024

Global Football Carnival: The FIFA World Cup is the zenith of international football, a celebration that transcends borders. In 2024, nations will unite in a quest for glory, bringing forth unrivaled skill, passion, and national pride. This tournament guarantees a spectacle of breathtaking goals, dramatic moments, and the anointing of a new football sovereign.

2. FIFA U-20 World Cup

Nurturing Future Stars: For emerging talents under the age of 20, the U-20 World Cup serves as a launchpad onto the global stage. Watch as promising players from diverse backgrounds showcase their skills, providing a sneak peek into the future of football. Expect raw talent, spirited performances, and the discovery of potential future legends.

FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup

3. FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup

Empowering Female Footballers: The U-17 Women’s World Cup spotlights the rising stars of women’s football. Beyond competition, this tournament champions the growth and recognition of women in the sport. Witness the grace, skill, and determination of the future female football icons.

4. FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup

Sands of Skill: Breaking the conventional mold, the Beach Soccer World Cup unfolds on sandy shores. Teams adept at the art of beach football showcase acrobatic goals, skillful maneuvers, and a festive atmosphere by the shorelines. Brace yourself for a unique fusion of skill and seaside spectacle.

5. FIFA Club World Cup

Club Supremacy Showdown: The Club World Cup assembles champions from each continent, creating a fierce competition for global supremacy. Top clubs go head-to-head, vying for the coveted title of the world’s best. It’s an opportunity to witness top-tier talent and diverse footballing styles clash in the quest for club glory.

6. FIFA Futsal World Cup

Fast-Paced Futsal Fiesta: FIFA’s Futsal World Cup is a fast-paced extravaganza featuring indoor football played with a smaller ball. Teams from across the globe showcase agility, skill, and quick thinking in this exhilarating variation of the beautiful game.

7. FIFA Interactive World Cup

Gaming Glory Unleashed: In a nod to the digital age, the FIFA Interactive World Cup combines football and gaming. Esports enthusiasts and gamers worldwide compete for the title, showcasing the growing intersection of technology and football fandom.


How are teams selected for the FIFA World Cup? Teams earn qualification for the FIFA World Cup through regional qualifying tournaments held across different continents. The number of qualification spots varies by region, ensuring a diverse representation of nations.

What is the age limit for players in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup? The FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup is open to players under the age of 17, emphasizing the development of young female talents in the sport.

How often is the FIFA Futsal World Cup held? The FIFA Futsal World Cup is held every four years, providing a showcase for the fast-paced and skillful version of football played indoors.

Can anyone participate in the FIFA Interactive World Cup? Yes, the FIFA Interactive World Cup is open to gamers worldwide. Qualification usually involves online competitions, leading to live events where finalists compete for the title.

Is the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup recognized by traditional football associations? Yes, the Beach Soccer World Cup is officially recognized by FIFA, and teams from various nations compete with the same level of recognition as in traditional football tournaments.


As the calendar turns to 2024, FIFA beckons football enthusiasts with a diverse array of tournaments and events. From the grandeur of the FIFA World Cup to the innovative twists in beach soccer and sports, this year promises a football extravaganza that caters to every fan’s unique passion.

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